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Tribal launches online Management Information System for Schools at BETT

Synergy in Schools is designed to significantly reduce the time spent managing the essential administrative, academic and behavioural data required to successfully run a school's day to day operations.

Improvement & Excellence programmes for Secondary English and Mathematics - blue print for departmental excellence is designed to recognise existing excellent practice in English/Mathematics departments. It also helps increase the rate of improvement in English and/or Mathematics departments through a rigorous and demanding accreditation that enhances middle leader capability and accountability.

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Lesson observation is a key skill, and developing efficient and effective practices in order to objectively evaluate teaching and its impact on learning is a vital part of raising achievement. We have produced a brand new range of DVDs which feature realistic, natural footage of teaching and learning, together with staff and pupil interviews, examples of lesson plans and pupil work.

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Tribal Interim Recruitment Service is a quick and effective way to find the right candidate to fill short or long term assignments in all types of schools and phases of education.

This could be to support school improvement, increase capacity or cover a vacant role until a permanent candidate is found.

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